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Wang Yi: Japan Should View China's Development with More Positive Mentality

On April 5, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a phone conversation with Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi, expressing his hope that Japan should view China's development with a more positive mentality.

Wang Yi said that China's development has not only enabled the Chinese people to live a better life, but also made positive contribution to promoting regional stability and prosperity. Practice has proved that China's development is a growing force for world peace, a favorable factor for promoting international cooperation and an important opportunity for Japan's long-term economic development.

China is always aware of its international obligations, firmly supports the international system with the United Nations at its core, firmly supports international rules based on international law, firmly supports true multilateralism and firmly safeguards international fairness and justice. China does not interfere in other countries' internal affairs, nor does it allow other countries to interfere in China's internal affairs. What China upholds is not only its own sovereign rights, but also the basic norms of international relations.

Wang Yi said the will of some superpower does not represent that of the international community, and a few countries following this superpower have no right to monopolize multilateral rules. The law of the jungle will prevail in the world where one cannot distinguish right from wrong doing if some countries, under the guise of multilateralism, are wild about bloc politics or major-country confrontation, or even arbitrarily impose unilateral illegal sanctions on others based on false information. It will be a disaster for the vast number of small and medium-sized countries, and the majority members of the international community will not allow that to happen.

Wang Yi stressed that only the Chinese people are entitled to decide what China should do, and that cannot be decided according to the preferences of some foreign countries. All countries, which all have the right to choose a development path suited to their own national conditions, ought to manage their own domestic affairs first, and work together to meet the common global challenges at the same time.

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