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Wang Yi: China Supports Holding ASEAN Leaders Special Meeting to Mediate Myanmar's Situation

On April 1, 2021, Sate Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Malaysian Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein in Nanping City, Fujian Province.

Wang Yi said that Myanmar is a member of the ASEAN family, and China's neighbor connected by mountains and rivers as well. We sincerely hope that political parties of Myanmar will, for the long-term interests of the country and the nation, initiate dialogue and consultation as soon as possible, bridge differences under constitutional and legal framework, and constantly advance the hard-won democratic transformation process. We are seriously concerned about the violence and bloodshed events in Myanmar, and call for all parties to exercise restraint to prevent the situation from exacerbating and getting out of control. We all believe that the international community should, based on the adherence to the basic norm of non-interference in internal affairs, create an enabling environment for domestic political reconciliation in Myanmar, instead of overstepping its responsibility or imposing pressure. China firmly supports the ASEAN in promoting peace talks with the ASEAN way, and supports holding a special meeting of ASEAN leaders to mediate Myanmar's situation at an early date.

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