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Xi Jinping Speaks with Polish President Andrzej Duda on the Phone

On the evening of March 1, 2021, President Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Xi Jinping pointed that Poland is a major country in Central and Eastern Europe, an important European Union (EU) member as well as China's comprehensive strategic partner in Europe. China has always attached great importance to the development of China-Poland relations. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China and Poland have been looking out for and helping each other, with the two sides engaging in cooperation in pandemic prevention and control as well as resumption of work and production, which opened a new chapter of the friendship between the two countries. In the current situation, China and Poland should strengthen strategic communication, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and jointly address various risks and challenges. China is willing to work with Poland to facilitate a stable and sustainable development of bilateral ties in the new year.

Xi Jinping stressed that China is willing to continue enhancing exchanges of experience in joint pandemic prevention and control with the Polish side, and in the meantime restoring personnel exchanges in a safe and orderly manner. China is willing to provide Poland with COVID-19 vaccines within its capabilities in accordance with the country's demand. During the pandemic, the number and load of China-Europe freight trains traveling to and from China and Poland have hit a record high, reflecting the high interdependence of supply and industrial chains between China and Poland and between China and the EU, and demonstrating a huge potential for economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. China will push for more imports of quality agricultural and food products from Poland through establishing relevant mechanisms under the cooperation framework of China-Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC). The completion of negotiations on the China-EU investment agreement will open up broader space for China-Poland cooperation.

Xi Jinping pointed out that at the recent China-CEEC Summit successfully convened via video link, I, along with you and other CEEC leaders, reviewed the journey of China-CEEC cooperation, thoroughly summarized development experience, jointly looked ahead to development prospects, reached broad consensus, and made important planning and guidance for cooperation mechanism. China is willing to work together with the Polish side, and take the summit as a new starting point to push for greater outcomes for the China-CEEC cooperation and China-EU relations.

Andrzej Duda said that President Xi Jinping's state visit to Poland in 2016 has effectively promoted the development of Poland-China relations. Not long ago, President Xi Jinping successfully hosted the China-CEEC Summit via video link, which is of great importance to promoting cooperation between the two sides and helping CEEC achieve economic recovery after the pandemic. Poland highly appreciates President Xi Jinping's commitment to making China's COVID-19 vaccines a global public good and his willingness to carry out vaccine cooperation with CEEC, showing that China is playing the role of a responsible major country under the leadership of President Xi Jinping. Poland is willing to strengthen anti-pandemic cooperation with China. China-Europe freight trains have played an important role in fighting the pandemic. He hopes that the two sides will continue to maintain personnel exchanges and cooperation in various fields and promote the balanced growth of bilateral trade. Poland stands ready to make contributions to the cooperation between CEEC and China. Andrzej Duda said that I look forward to visiting China again after the pandemic, and I am willing to maintain close and friendly exchanges with President Xi Jinping to jointly lift Poland-China relations to a new level.

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