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A Brief Introduction to the China-aided Fendall Campus of University of Liberia



                                  Chinese Styled Campus Gate                                                                                 Friendship Tower and Generator House

The UL Fendall Campus is so far the biggest project build with assistance from the Chinese Government since the resumption of the diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Liberia. The construction took 26 months starting from April 2008 to June 2010. It covers an area of 110,000 ㎡with 24,800 ㎡of floor space. The Campus consists of:

a, 1 four-storey teaching and administrative building (about 12,000㎡) which houses a academic exchange center accommodating 360 attendants, 2 large classrooms with a seating capacity of 150 each, 27 classrooms, 4 audio rooms, 4 computer rooms, a five-roomed library, 63 offices, 3 research rooms, 8 conference rooms and 2 cafeterias;


                      Sideview of the  Administrative and  Teaching Building                                                                   Frontview of the Building

b, 4 two-storey buildings of students’ dormitory which can accommodate about 1,000 students;

c, 5 three-storey staff dormitory buildings that contains 78 apartments of three categories;


                                           One of the Staff Dormitory Buildings                                                              One of the Best Auditoriums in Liberia

d, auxiliary facilities including a gatehouse, a China-Liberia Friendship Tower that also houses a huge water tank in side, a power house accommodating three 750KV generators, a water-pumping house, a sports ground with a football court in the center, 2 basketball courts and a tennis court.

e, some teaching facilities like power point projectors, computers, broadcasting system and etc.;

f, furniture to be provided later by the Chinese government as an additional program to the project.

A considerable portion of UL students can move into the Campus and it is hoped that it can contribute to the improvement and enhancement of education of higher learning in Liberia.


                            Dormitory Building for Female Students                                                                Dormitory Building for Male Students

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