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Remarks at the Handover Ceremony for Annexes to the Capitol BuildingBy Ambassador FU Jijun, on July 19, 2018


Your Excellency Dr. Gorge Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia,

Hon. Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers,

Hon. Senate Pro Tempore Mr. Albert Tugbe Chie,

Honorable Ministers and Members of the 54th National Legislature,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

It is my great honor to attend the handover ceremony of the China-Aided two annexes to the Capitol Building of Liberia and witness another good result of cooperation between China and Liberia. I hope the two new annexes and their facilities can alleviate the shortage of office space for the members of Legislature and help you to make better service to Liberian people.

I am glad that the handover of the project is just on time for the coming celebration of the 171st Independence Anniversary of Republic of Liberia. Taking this opportunity, I would like, on behalf of Chinese government and people, and in my owe name, to extend a warm congratulation to Liberian government and people.

I would also like to express my highly appreciation to all Liberian friends and my Chinese compatriots for contributing their share to the construction. I learned that honorable Senator Conmany Wesseh, the Chairman of the Joint Legislative Modernization Project and his colleagues, the Liberian friends from the Ministries of Public Works, Foreign Affairs and so on, have give a lot of support to the Contractor for doing its good job.

My special thanks will go to the Contractor Jaingshu Jiangdu Construction Group Co. Ltd. For fulfilling their obligation faithfully, since undertook the project October 2016 to its completion last month, the managers, engineers and technicians of the Corporation have overcome various difficulties, including communication barriers, the lack of regular water supply, various diseases especially malaria, to successful complete the project on time and in good quality. Most of them didn’t have their vacations in 20 months of intense hard work. The accountant of the Corporation even sacrificed his life due to disease. Their dedication fully demonstrates again that the friendship of our two countries and people are cemented by blood and life.

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Distinguished Guests,

The aided projects are a way of Chinese government and people to express their friendly sentiments to Liberian government and people. China highly appreciates the important roles of H.E. President George Manneh Weah and the Liberian Legislature in protecting this friendship. A few weeks ago, Honorable Albert Chie reaffirmed Liberia’s position to maintain one-China Policy to a Chinese business delegation. The legislation of the one-China pol icy by the Liberian Legislature, and adherence to the principle of one-China by the Liberian government are solid foundation, which have produced tangible benefits to the people of both of China and Liberia. China has sent military and police personnel with facilities to Liberia for keeping and building peace. The projects of the Bamboo and Rattan Demonstration Center, Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center, Tappita hospital, Chinese medical team in JFK hospital, Confusious Institute in University of Liberia and so on, have been playing a important role in Liberian economic and social development.

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Dear friends,

2018 is a special year for both of China and Liberia. At the beginning of the year, H.E. President Gorge Manneh Weah swore in as the new Liberian President and has proposed a Pro-Poor Agenda. H.E. President Xi Jinping was reelected as China’s President for second term and has proposed the new ear development aim for China. Both of the proposals have committed to improving the people’s live. 2018 also marks the 40th anniversary of China’s economic reform and opening up. Just like today’s Liberia, 40 years ago, more than half of Chinese people lived in abject poverty. Fortunately, under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party, China has successfully explored a development road which suits its national condition, and established a dynamic socialist market economic system, which made China the second largest economy in the world.

As developing country, China and Liberia are both facing similar challenges for pushing forward development and reducing poverty. After successfully helped its 800 million people throw off poverty in last 40 years, China has made a plan to help its last 30 million people get rid of poverty before 2020. In this regard, China understands and empathizes the suffering of Liberian people and the challenges of Liberian government is facing. China is ready to share its experiences including lessons with Liberia for development and poverty reduction. China will continue to help Liberia for achieving its glorious goal of Pro-poor Agenda. In the road connection, an expert team of China is doing the feasibility study for the two flyover bridges. In the health care, China will help JFK hospital for setting up a new clinic laboratory. In human resource development, China will increase its scholarship and training to Liberia youth.

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In September this year, President Xi Jinping will play host to President George Manneh Weah in Beijing. We believe that the cordial and in-depth talks between the two leaders, at the coming China-Africa Cooperation Forum Summit, will produce more fruitful results and create a better future for our mutual beneficial cooperation. Mr. President, we look forward to receiving you in China.

In conclusion, let me hail the cordial and fruitful bilateral relations subsisting between Liberia and China. Beyond all reasonable doubts, the friendly relations and collaboration of China and Liberia is satisfying our two peoples and a win-win reality partnership worthy of eternity. 

I thank you all for your attention!

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