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China reiterates urgent need for tents in quake-hit areas


Photo taken on May 13, 2008 shows quake survivors rest in a tent in the quake-hit Juyuan Town of Dujiangyan in southwest China's Sichuan Province. Life still goes on though people in Sichuan suffered serious lose in the 7.8-magnitude quake centered in Wenchuan county on May 12.
(Xinhua Photo)

BEIJING, May 22 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday again called on international community to provide tents first among relief donations to its quake-hit Sichuan Province, saying approximately 3.3 million tents are needed.

So far 400,000 tents have been transported to the quake-hit areas, which were far from enough, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang at a regular press conference.

He said the disaster areas were also in urgent need of such relief materials as blankets, clothes, quilts, food, medical equipment, medicines as well as telecommunications and engineering facilities.

Currently, foreign countries had promised to donate 151,900 tents, among which 11,500 tents had been delivered to the quake areas, Qin added.

Since the quake occurred, China had received strong support from the international community, he said. The foreign donation for China through diplomatic channels totaled 492 million yuan. Foreign countries had expressed intent to donate 615 million yuan in cash and 249 million yuan worth of relief materials.

Grade-3 high school students walk to tents to attend classes in Lueyang County, Shaanxi Province, northwest China, May 22, 2008.  (Xinhua Photo)

Meanwhile, the international and regional organizations had expressed intent to donate 81 million yuan and provide 5 million yuan worth of relief materials, according to Qin.

Altogether 135 heads of states, 75 government leaders, 17 political figures and one former political figure, 40 senior officials of international organizations expressed condolences to China in various forms.

A total of 22 heads of states, 21 government leaders and 18 senior officials of international organizations went to Chinese embassies, consulates and delegations abroad to offer condolences.

Source: Xinhua

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