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  Activities of Embassy and Lastest News
China offers medical supplies to Liberia
Chinese plane arrives in Liberia with consignment of supplies (2014-08-12)
President Xi Jinping Sends Condolence Message to Libeira ove Ebola (2014-08-12)
South-South Cooperation in Liberia (Part VII) (2014-07-07)
South-South Cooperation in Liberia (Part VI) (2014-07-03)
  Major Events
China issues white paper on peaceful development (2011-09-06)
China, U.S. underline cooperation, trust remains key (2011-08-18)
China receives Libyan opposition leader, recognizes NTC as "important dialogue partner" (2011-06-22)
China, DPRK reach consensus on developing two economic zones in DPRK (2011-06-09)
Government vows to provide better life for people with disabilities (2011-06-09)
  Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on September 1, 2014 (2014-09-01)
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Japanese Leader's Erroneous Words and Deeds about Japan's History of Aggression (2014-08-28)
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's Words on Abe-Xi Meeting (2014-08-28)
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Australian MP Clive Palmer's Apology for His Erroneous Comments on China (2014-08-27)
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks (2014-08-25)